True-Track’s V-Rod model

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True-Track has been in the testing phases of it’s newest model the V-Rod, P/N 20-50,  and is proud to submit the following announcement:

To Ron and the team at True-Track,
I want to thank all of you for taking your time and knowledge to develope a True-Track for the V-Rod.
I’m pushing 192 horsepower and 121 ft-lb torque and under hard acceleration and decel it rides perfectly straight and feels very solid, even when the wheel is slipping. As you probably heard the traction at Bonneville is far from easy and its presents a lot of challenges. I definetly had a big advantage this year and I’m pleased to report I broke 2 world records with a top speed of 179.278mph!
New Records:
Division A Type 1 cls. 11 twin (open bike) 173.893mph
Division B Type 1 cls. 11 twin (partial streemline) 178.084mph
Thank you!
Johney Cortopassi

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