The Importance of Tire Pressure

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Here’s what the Metzeler’s website says regarding tire pressure for their

Tire Pressure

Always inflate tires to the correct pressure as indicated in
the owner’s manual. However Metzeler North America has found the air pressure
suggestions listed below will improve mileage and customer satisfaction
especially if a emphasis is placed on running the air pressure towards the
maximum as stated on the sidewall. Check cold tire pressures frequently. Correct
tire pressure is crucial for safe handling. Over inflation may impair ride
comfort and reduce the contact patch between the tire and driving surface of the
tires. Insufficient air pressure will result in poor handling and cause a
tendency for the motorcycle to “wander”. In addition, improper and insufficient
tire will cause accelerated tire wear,
increased fuel consumption, less control and the possibilities for tire failure
to due an overload/under inflated operating situation.

Recommended Minimum Tire
Pressures (PSI)


Alpha ME880 (MH, MT, MU tires) Solo / 2 Up / Light2 Up /
Heavy – Front 36 / 40 / 40 – Rear 38 / 40 /40

ME880 Solo / 2 Up / Light2 Up / Heavy – Front 38-40 /
40-42 / 40-42 – Rear 44-46 / 46-48/ 48-50

For bikes with the following rear tire sizes: 170/80-15,
180/70-15, 150/80-16, 160/80-16, 180/60R16, 180/70R16, 200/60R16, 240/50R16,
140/80-17, 160/70-17 D spec, 170/60R17, 210/50R17, 150/70-18, 180/55ZR18,
200/50R18, 210/40R18, 260/40R18, 280/35R18, 300/35R18, 260/35R21.

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