HD Touring model low mileage wobble

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Wobbles in HD Touring models at low mileage can be attributed to:
Is the bike lowered?
    1. Loose front motor mount bolts.
    2. Front end fall away too loose (should be half of factory spec)
    3. Check spoke wheels (if applicable)
    4. Check demension from top of valve cover edge (rear cylinder) to seat tube. It should not be more than .550. If it is, then to much weight is on the front wheel. Check angle of motor with an incolometer (Home Depot, tool dept.) Should not be more than 1 1/2 degrees (1 degree 30 minutes)
    5. Check alignment of rear wheel, then rear wheel to front.
    6. Dunlops wobble the least.
    7. Swing arm pivots on HD Touring bikes are not anchored. This is the main source for wobbles. Go to >http://true-track.com/tt_products.html        

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