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Don’t forget to inspect your rubber isolators!

Rubber mount failure is common but often an oversight during inspection and service. On the 93-2008 Touring Model three are in place, a front motor mount and two rear isolators located in the swingarm. These are what keep us vibration isolated. A failed front motor mount as seen below, (though not often as extreme as these photos) will create added vibration as the motor is now sitting metal to metal. A failed motor mount will also increase instability.

The 2009 & later touring model frame changes include a system now mounted in 4 rubber isolators – the swingarm contains two as they have prior but are now 4 ring isolators as opposed to the three ring pre 09 and two front 4 ring isolators exist. Theses two front isolators are what hold the alignment. Trike owners we have seen these isolators wear/fail in as little as 9-12 thousand miles. Be sure to inspect on a regular basis.



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The Importance of Tire Pressure

Here’s what the Metzeler’s website says regarding tire pressure for their

Tire Pressure

Always inflate tires to the correct pressure as indicated in
the owner’s manual. However Metzeler North America has found the air pressure
suggestions listed below will improve mileage and customer satisfaction
especially if a emphasis is placed on running the air pressure towards the
maximum as stated on the sidewall. Check cold tire pressures frequently. Correct
tire pressure is crucial for safe handling. Over inflation may impair ride
comfort and reduce the contact patch between the tire and driving surface of the
tires. Insufficient air pressure will result in poor handling and cause a
tendency for the motorcycle to “wander”. In addition, improper and insufficient
tire will cause accelerated tire wear,
increased fuel consumption, less control and the possibilities for tire failure
to due an overload/under inflated operating situation.

Recommended Minimum Tire
Pressures (PSI)


Alpha ME880 (MH, MT, MU tires) Solo / 2 Up / Light2 Up /
Heavy – Front 36 / 40 / 40 – Rear 38 / 40 /40

ME880 Solo / 2 Up / Light2 Up / Heavy – Front 38-40 /
40-42 / 40-42 – Rear 44-46 / 46-48/ 48-50

For bikes with the following rear tire sizes: 170/80-15,
180/70-15, 150/80-16, 160/80-16, 180/60R16, 180/70R16, 200/60R16, 240/50R16,
140/80-17, 160/70-17 D spec, 170/60R17, 210/50R17, 150/70-18, 180/55ZR18,
200/50R18, 210/40R18, 260/40R18, 280/35R18, 300/35R18, 260/35R21.


A quote from Bert Baker of Baker Drivetrain

We believe many share Berts sentiment so we decided to post what we feel needs to be reitterated often-

“Lost sight of the American dream? Our forefathers gave birth to the industrial revolution, achieved global manufacturing dominance, and fought 5+ wars last century to propagate the American dream and keep it alive. Does the phrase “Buy American” sound corny to you? If it does then hop on your bicycle and head down to the dollar store or mega retailer to buy some more Chinese shit to further undermine the American manufacturing machine. If “Buy American” means something to you, then please don’t piss away the beautiful gift our forefathers gave us. Buy American and spread the word. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!”

Bert Baker
BAKER Drivetrain