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A quote from Bert Baker of Baker Drivetrain

We believe many share Berts sentiment so we decided to post what we feel needs to be reitterated often-

“Lost sight of the American dream? Our forefathers gave birth to the industrial revolution, achieved global manufacturing dominance, and fought 5+ wars last century to propagate the American dream and keep it alive. Does the phrase “Buy American” sound corny to you? If it does then hop on your bicycle and head down to the dollar store or mega retailer to buy some more Chinese shit to further undermine the American manufacturing machine. If “Buy American” means something to you, then please don’t piss away the beautiful gift our forefathers gave us. Buy American and spread the word. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!”

Bert Baker
BAKER Drivetrain


Early True-Pivot install

 What to do with the take off nut  during the install process of the True-Pivot (years 1980-2001)?
 The take off nut from the old axle is to be used with the new product  installation proceedure. The thicker spacer is to be installed on the side the fixed nut was on and if you inspect the spacer it’s tapered to slide over the shoulder on the axle. Any other questions please leave a comment.


FXR pivot axle kit by True-Track

I just purchased the bronze pivot bearing and axel kit for my ’93 FXR. As in the picture on your site, there is only one locknut included in the kit. Am I supposed to use the takeoff nut from the old axel? Also, it’s not clear shich side of the axel gets the wider spacer and whether the flat side goes inward towards the transmission or facing outboard. My H-D service manual wasn’t much help there.