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Importance of fresh Dyna Motor Mounts

Every live show we attend we notice the many Dyna riders that aren’t aware of the importance of fresh motor mounts when it comes to the stability of the handling of their ride. Dyna’s were built with one stabilizer from the factory and to stop lateral flex in the vibration isolated design of a rubber mounted Harley you must have a three point system in place. True-Track offers the Dyna Stabilizer which consists of the missing two links to get these bikes handling like you’ve never experienced! Like its on rails!


Sturgis 2012

Well, we survived another Sturgis event. Again thank you to those that drop by the booth and give us your feedback – it really keeps us going - it brings a smile to our face daily! This year we added the install of the Dyna units for a labor charge of $40 bucks and will continue to do so at future shows with staff and time permitting. We also installed the new V-Rod True-Track and the early 20-10 model! Thanks for the patience of those that took advantage of this new service. We look forward to Street Vibrations just around the corner. Stop by and ck us out at Reno HD vendor lot on Market St. in Reno, NV!!


forum feedback re: competitor product

Posted by: harley_jeff
On: 12-19-2011 01:26 PM

Had nothing but problems with Sputhe. Stainless hardware on the front galled.
No way would the rear fit. Sputhe refused to help me over the phone. After
spending an entire day I sent the mess back to him and at least received a
partial refund. The guy is stuck in the 70s and doesn’t do credit cards.

Tru-Track bent over backwards to answer my questions. At one point in time, the
guy stayed on the phone and walked me through some of the tricks for the rear
bracket install.

F Sputhe and the horse he rode in on.


A quote from Bert Baker of Baker Drivetrain

We believe many share Berts sentiment so we decided to post what we feel needs to be reitterated often-

“Lost sight of the American dream? Our forefathers gave birth to the industrial revolution, achieved global manufacturing dominance, and fought 5+ wars last century to propagate the American dream and keep it alive. Does the phrase “Buy American” sound corny to you? If it does then hop on your bicycle and head down to the dollar store or mega retailer to buy some more Chinese shit to further undermine the American manufacturing machine. If “Buy American” means something to you, then please don’t piss away the beautiful gift our forefathers gave us. Buy American and spread the word. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!”

Bert Baker
BAKER Drivetrain



The Dyna Stabilizer is a popular item! Though Eric Buell in his patents indicated vibration isolated motorcycles need three stabilizers, the Dyna has but ONE. The True-Track  DYNA unit (part number 20-30) will provide the much needed bottom front missing link and the rear missing link to give you that smooth, wobble free, pure enjoyment ride!!!!