"True-Track is an amazing product that will mitigate wobble, weaving and oscillation of rubber mounted Harley-Davidson Touring Models and can be installed in 15 minutes (1993-2008 touring models)"

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Are you among the many that have experienced a flat tire feeling or a feelin' something just ain't right?


Cruising through the absolutely beautiful forest with gentle curves was ecstasy. Sunlight shafts were breaking through the trees and the smell of the pines, wow. I get goose bumps thinking about it. I was really into it.

So, I grabbed a handful and setup for the next sweeper, leaned it over a few degrees, rolled on the throttle and accelerated through until all HELL BROKE LOOSE. The rear wheel started to weave then wobble and actually steer the bike in a different direction than the front! The back of the bike started heading for the guardrail. I tried to correct with body English and push the handle bar to pull out of the inevitable. The back of the bike slid sideways first.The right saddlebag banged hard against the guard rail at about 60-65 miles per hour. Fortunately I didn't go down, but managed to turn into the guard rail and scrape off some speed until I straightened out. It scared the sh*t out of me, I had to use Handy Wipes later and clean up.

To make a long story short I came up with a solution that cured the "REARSTEER™",          "TRUE-TRACK" Patent No. 7,677,348 B1


•  Zero-Flex Design
•  No transfer of vibration to the chasis
• A rear suspension HD Stabilizer that fits completely inside the frame rail
• A Stabilizer that will not damage or crack your frame
• A Stabilizer that is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum with an anodized or
raw finish
• A Stabilizer that protects the cast oil pan against road debris and road hazards
pot holes
speed bumps
low driveways
trailer ramps
• A Stabilizer that provides cooling of the motor
• 4 hand tools required -  3/16 & 7/32 allen wrench, 1/2 & 9/16 open end wrench is
all you'll need
• No jack required - install parked on the kickstand
• An easy install in about 15 minutes 1993-2008 units


True-Track was created and designed to bring "the missing link"  to all rubber mounted Harley Davidson Touring Models. What you never want to experience is what many have referred to as the Harley Death Wobble.

Harley rubber mounted touring models including Dyna's, V-Rods and FXR's  have been manufactured with less than three stabilizer links.  Eric Buell teaches in his patented designs that vibration isolated motorcycles must have three stabilizer links connecting the power train to the frame to prevent lateral instability.

No amount of road experience could have prepared many for what has happenend to them while riding their Harley Davidson rubber mounted bikes.  Here is but one story...

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Test our product for 90 days and if not 100% satisfied True-Track will refund you your total purchase price. What have you got to lose, it doesn't get any easier.


WHY BUY TODAY... $50 OFF that's why!! Purchase both the 5 quart Baker+1  oil pan in Black Cast and the True-Track dog bone kit and receive a $50 discount. Free ground shipping in the continental USA.

This offer is only available through customer service at 818-623-0697,

Happy trails to all - ride safe!

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  • I UNDERSTAND...True-Track  will give my ride stability and mitigate  weaving, wobble and oscillation. I  can clearly see the value of True-Track
  • I UNDERSTAND...True-Track has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If I am unhappy with my purchase I just need to contact customer service and obtain a RT#,  return the product for a prompt refund of my purchase price.
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P.S. - Remember, every second you wait is another opportunity for the wobble to take you by surprise and scare the sh** out of you - True-Track is cheaper than a funeral!

Satisfied Customers

"I could actually feel the unit grab the bike and stop it from wobbling"

Got the True Track and installed it the same day. I am very happy. I was extremely surprised when I started my test rides. I could actually feel the unit grab the bike and stop it from wobbling in the exact places that my past experience told me it was about to begin its wobble. The bikes stability is greatly improved. I can't believe my thick headedness made me wait so long to order one of these systems. I wish I had installed a True Track the day after I bought this motorcycle. Correction, I wish Harley Davidson had installed one of these right from the factory. Thanks again, Neil Weisbond



"The result has been like night and day"

I’m 49 years old, have ridden motorcycles since my teens and have owned 8 motorcycles. I’ve ridden and owned Triumph Bonneviles, CBR 600r/900rr, ZX-11, Harley Softails (Springer, Fat Boy, Heritage) and my 2000 Dyna FXDX-T. I purchased the Dyna for it’s handling and sport tourer setup. I still have an 06 Springer besides the Dyna FXDX.

In mid- February, 2010, I was on a ride with 9 other friends (on all types of Harleys- Dynas, Softails, V-rods), on a weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Singapore. This would have been a 500km round trip ride. On the way up to KL, we just topped up our tanks and moving towards a town called Ipoh to have our scheduled lunch. We were all cruising at 120 kph (74.5mph), and have been riding for at least 2 hours on a perfectly sunny, dry highway that’s comparable to our Interstates in the U.S.

We were coming up on a sweeping, left handed and banked turn on the highway. This type of sweepers were always my favourite on sport bikes that I used to own and ride (CBR 600RR/900RR, ZX-11). I was 2nd in line in the group, chasing down my other buddy in a V-Rod in front of me. I followed him into the turn, moving to my right (which is the fast lane, we drive on the left hand side of the road, like in the U.K.). I felt a wiggle changing lanes, and was increasing speed to around 140kph. I came off the throttle, thinking that the wiggle will go away as I reduce speed. It didn’t, what happened in the next few seconds was by far the most violent reaction I have even experienced on any motorcycle.

The Dyna started to wobble violently. My guys behind me described that the back end of my back was moving from lane to lane and didn’t know how I was holding on. I tried to reduce the speed of the bike and move the bike left towards the shoulder. I could only hold on so long, so had to decide to put the bike down on the right side as I roll off on the left of the bike. I’m very lucky to have decades of both riding and martial arts experience, as both helped me decide what to do. I had rolled off to the left of the bike (described by my buddies as a “Hollywood type of stunt”) as it slid down the highway and ended up close to the emergency shoulder. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of my guys, who fanned out behind me and slowed traffic down, I probably would have survived the crash but ran over by a vehicle.

I was conscious throughout the whole event and managed to stay conscious as my buddies got to me. One of them used to be an army medic and helped do a 4 point test to see if I was ok. I managed to walk away from this crash with a broken right collarbone, dislocated left shoulder (which we managed to re-located right after the crash), deep abrasion on the my right knee and abrasions on my left shoulder, left knee where I took the rolling (my guys think I did about 5 rolls). These were the fastest body rolls I’ve ever done in my life! Fortunately, I was wearing a full face helmet, armoured riding jacket, heavy jeans and steel toed riding boots. All of the gear save my head and skin!

This Dyna had less than 20,000 Km on it (12,427 miles). Was in good condition, just had an upgrade on wheels (21” front, 18” rear), bigger rubber (120mm front, 200mm rear). The trail had changed slightly with the bigger front wheel. The bike had a little wiggle in it’s original form (19”x 110mm front, 17”x 150mm rear), especially when changing lanes at around 120kph, so I figured that this was the bikes characteristic. I could handle the wiggle, but didn’t expect the wobble.

After the crash, we (I work with a shop called Sun Hog Bikers in Singapore) looked thru the web to find out causes of this event and found a lot (tons), of articles concerning the “Death Wobble”. Because of this research, we came upon your True Track product. We have since installed the versions for Dyna (on 4 bikes), and one on a Road King. The Dyna’s that were with me on that day now have the Track on their bikes as well as a full complement of riding gear. The result has been like night and day. The feedback from our guys with the Dyna has said that they can finally figure out a line to take when riding, with a higher degree of confidence, at any speed. The owner of the Road King has been experiencing a wobble (3 year old bike) when he changes lanes and especially when the bike is loaded down, and has since gotten rid of it. I’ve rebuilt my Dyna with both the Track, new engine mounts, a new front inverted fork and rear suspension. This bike is very very different in handling from before. Rock solid, runs true to the line, handles more like my bigger sport bikes (except heavier).

We’ve since become a dealer for True Track and have been spreading the word with the local H.O.G. group and the dealership in Singapore. I’ve personally spoken to quite a few guys with Dyna’s and Tourers. The high mileage guys who ride a lot have experienced some wiggle, and have heard of other guys that have gone down on their tourers because of a wobble. The events’ they experienced were thrown into the “riders error” bucket, but after discussing with many riders that have experienced this, it seems like when 3 conditions come together:

1. Moving above 100kph (62mph)

2. Going into a sweeping turn (either left or right hander)

3. Increasing speed upwards

4. and maybe a trigger of hitting lane reflectors when changing lanes

Creates the wobble on the rubber mounted Harleys. The guys on newer bikes (2 years old or less), and lower mileage bikes tend to be able to ride out a wiggle and it doesn’t get worse. My situation was all of the above. As we openly talk more about this occurrence on Dyan’s and Tourers, owners of these bikes are speaking up more of their experiences. We’re hoping to fit out as many True Tracks as we can on these types of bikes in Singapore (there are less than 1500 registered Harleys’ of all types in Singapore) and Malaysia. Hoping we can save a life of two before the problem of a disastrous WOBBLE ever happens again.

Thank you very much for designing a much needed addition to a rubber mounted engine Harley.

Menji Paggao

HP: 65-9797-9885

"I could really tell the difference"

I could really tell the difference with the handling of the bike on the way home, much more stable and the joints in the pavement no longer 'grab' like they use to.  The bike just steers straight across them.  Thank you and Ronnie for getting me in first thing, it was a beautiful day for a ride. 

"Rear Dyna bracket install help!"

I chose the TT dyna setup earlier this year. I installed the front and noticed a
major improvement in stability and control immediately. The woman that answered
the phone at TT told me that with 17,000 miles on the bike I should change the
motor mounts as well, so I did. I had difficulty installing the rear TT and I
called the number on a Saturday and she noted that I lived in Southern
California. About an hour later a red Electraglide rumbled into my driveway and
the man got off and said that he was Ron the tru trak tech guy. He looked at
what I was doing and explained that the way to get the bolts in is to get the
frame and swingarm jacked up perfectly level and that one person inserts the
bolts and the helper installs the nuts on the other side. He took over and using
my tools he installed the system with me as the "helper". He had no problem
spending his weekend time on the cement floor of my garage. When he finished I
offered to pay him and asked how much. He said that he would like to have a
glass of ice water before his ride home and that he would like me to call and
tell him how I liked it. He also noted that I needed new shocks and that the
ones the previous owner installed were way short.
The improvement after the TT and motor mount install was amazing and with the
new shocks and 15 weight fork oil the thing really handles and I have only just
immigrated from 30 years of riding sport bikes. I noticed the improvement in
engine vibration at idle as soon as we started it. Its an 03 FXD and I did
follow up with the new longer shocks and got much more responsive steering.