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In consideration for the purchase of a True-Track™, the user hereby releases and agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless Spirit America, Inc dba True-Track™ and his or her respective heirs, agents, employees and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action and damages, including attorneys' fees, resulting from any accident, incident or occurrence arising out of, incidental to or in any way resulting from the use of the said product and all improvements thereon, whether or not caused by the Owners negligence or gross negligence. This release applies during the time that user purchased product and/or permitted installation to owned, leased or borrowed rubber mounted Harley Davidson motorcycle. Purchaser hereby further covenants and agrees that they, their heirs, successors and assigns will not make any claim or institute any suit or action at law or in equity against Spirit America, Inc dba True-Track™ or his or her respective heirs, agents, representatives, employees, successors or assigns by reason of conditions of the installed product or activities occurring thereon.

Travel at speeds appropriate for road and conditions and never travel faster than posted speed limit. Excessive speed can cause loss of vehicle control, which could result in death or serious injury. Know your limits as a rider. Do not exceed the legal speed limit or drive too fast for existing conditions. Always reduce speed when poor driving conditions exist and/or you feel the driving situation is uncomfortable. High speed increases the influence of any other condition affecting stability and increases the possibility of loss of control.


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