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Q: Will the True-Track help if my bike is lowered?
A: True-Track is designed for stock ride height bikes. It will not as effectively improve the handling on a lowered bike. Lowered motorcycles are EXTREMELY difficult to control or correct weaving and wobbling because of the limited suspension travel especially when the swing arm pivot is below the axle, remain stock height for better handling performance.

Q: How do you install your heim joint to a neutral position?
A: Our heim joints have left and right threads. What that means to the installer adjusting the heim joint is;  if you turn it one way it extends and if you turn it the other way it retracts. The object is to get the middle of those two points. The way you can feel  this is to turn the center two flats with a 1/2 in wrench one way till it gets hard, turn it the other direction till it gets hard. Get the softest spot turning between those two points and you’ve found neutral.

Q: Will the True-Track Dyna model fit with an oil cooler?
A: Yes, but some oil cooler models may need minor adjustments.

Q: Can the Dyna True-Track unit fit with a crash bar?
A: Yes, but modification to the crash bar may be needed.

Q: Will True-Track fit my Softail?
A: No, this is not a rubber mounted motor. The motor is mounted  rigid to the frame.

Q: Why do I feel a wobble after installing a 21 inch wheel up front?
A: Any time you alter your bike from stock you will induce more instability.

Q: Will True-Track help my front end wobble/handle bar shake during deceleration?
A: Yes, but other aspects of the set up of the Harley must also be taken into consideration as the additional cause of this ill handling experience – call tech for more info at 818-445-6204

Q: Why does my HARLEY-DAVIDSON® rubber mounted motorcycle WEAVE, WOBBLE and REARSTEER™? 
A: Erik Buell, teaches in patent No. 4,776,423 and No. 6,213,240 that Vibration Isolated Motorcycles MUST HAVE at least 3 stabilizer links connecting the power train unit to the frame to prevent lateral instability.

Q: Bandit, Biker Net. Does True-Track™ interfer with the rubbermount system?
A: NO, True-Track™ does not interfere with the rubber mount aspect of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that use the superior 3-point rubber mount system also used on Buell dressers, FXR and V-rod. Rubber mount travel in models that use the superior 3-point are in a verticle plane only, so the engine moves up and down while running. But the rubber mounts are not supposed to move in a horizontal plane (left to right). That is why the front motor mount is anchored with a stabilizer link for horizontal position and a top anchored stabilizer link for horizontal position as well. The rear rubber mounts do not have a stabilizer link to keep them in a horizontal position.

Q: I recently purchased and installed the 20-19L pivot unit. After installing new Harley isolators, do I reuse the old washer on the inside of the isolator with the supplied stainless lock nut as the isolator has slack in it to fit over the pivot shaft?
A: NO, do not use old washer. Put supplied large diameter spacers over axle, next clock in the isolators to the pin and put supplied nuts on with blue loctite to lube threads. Pull up both sides evenly - do not torque axle nut until brackets are bolted up solidly to the frame and the bike is level at ride height.

Enter True-Track™, a suspension device that acts to mitigate instability on vibration isolated motorcycles. It anchors the swing arm pivot in the horizontal plane so the rubbermounts cannot compress from road force transmitted by the tire through the swing arm.



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