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The Basics
Lowered motorcycles are extremely prone to weave and wobble!

1. The rear (axle) wheel must be aligned with the swing axis pivot.
2. The rear wheel must be in alignment with the front wheel.
3. The engine must be in level in the verticle.
4. The "FALL AWAY" must be at minimum factory specification (the lock to lock sweep).
5. Tires: Tread (good), pressure and balance accurate.
6. HD models with "cleveblocks" (1980-2001) in the swing arm pivot must be replaced with solid bearings (HD changed to spherical bearings in 2002 and later Baggers). NO, NOT WITH DELRIN
("PLASTIC IS ELASTIC") as a replacement. It does not insure rigidity at this weak point. The maximum operating temperature of Delrin is 257 degrees then they go soft. The trans temp can exceed this.

click image to see larger view

7. Rider weight (100-160 pounds) is another critical point on Road Kings and must be compensated.

"TRUE-TRACK™" frame bracket attaches to the rear bottom crossmember with two PUCKS that extend into the main bracket through the two large mounting holes in the crossmember. The center distance between holes is critical.

More Basics:
• The rear crossmember is used to mount the frame bracket FOR RIGIDITY and load dispersion,
   it connects the left and right frame tubes FOR RIGIDITY!
• NO welding of brackets to castings (Engineering 101, A NO NO).
• A parallel plane cannot be held with an anchor being on an angle, as seen in the picture below, without    failure and binding.
(Click image for larger view)

• NO long extension brackets to flex and bend.
• NO exchanges of original brackets required!
• YES you can still use your jack to lift your motorcycle. The frame bracket is the perfect platform for the    jack point.
• NO the ground clearance is not reduced because the frame bracket sits inside of the 1/2" thick
• NO the lean angle is not reduced. The frame bracket edges are angled. The floor boards contact the
  ground first.


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