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• Lowered motorcycles are EXTREMELY difficult to control or correct weaving and wobbling because of the limited suspension travel especially when the swing arm pivot is below the axle, remain stock height for better handling performance.

• If you weigh 300 pounds or more, have a passenger that weighs 180 pounds or more, saddle bags and tour pack loaded, you may be over the GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT. This can cause severe stability problems. If your suspension is also lowered, DON'T RIDE IT. YOU ARE IN THE DANGER ZONE.

• THE PASSENGER CANNOT WEIGH MORE THAN THE RIDER! Either put the passenger on a diet or get a lighter passenger. Touring models seem to be happy with 400 lbs total added weight, rider, passenger and baggage.

• Shocks can help weaving and wobbling but they only mask the problem. Eventually the real culprit will rear its ugly head...the "Missing Link"!

• Enthusiast magazine (HD Publication) Spring 2004 article "Rubber Mount Match-Up" page 14 Carve or Cruise? The 2004 Sportster. "The engine connects to the frame via three stabilizer links which allow the engine to move in a radial motion within the frame while limiting lateral flex."


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