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We would like to keep all Harley riders up safely on two or three wheels and have some suggestions to do just that!

As we know we're not supposed to ride faster than 80mph (as indicated in our owners manual)
To ride safe at these speeds you must maintain your bike.
Be sure to complete this check list before you ride:

1. Tire Pressure -  it is cheap insurance to prevent tire failure.

2. Engine oil levels

3. Drive belt tension

4. Engine mounts - inspected every 10,000 miles, REPLACED at 40,000 miles

5. Do not overload your bike - it has a load capacity!




September 2011

In this month’s newsletter we will tackle an often asked question at True-Track:

“What makes our stabilizer better than the other units out there for sale?”

Well, first and foremost we designed our True-Track to be customer friendly.
What does this mean? It translates to the following;

- ease of installation and maximum holding position to control this 800-900 lb payload of a
Harley rubber mount
- proper positioning on the frame to strengthen the frame
- use of the best materials all certified with a process code on every batch.
- all hardware is made of stainless steel, no rust or corrosion.
- the heim joint link is made of stainless steel and engineered to be vibration isolated.
- the heim joint is not an over the counter item.
- no added vibration when installed per our directions.


At True-Track we stand behind our product, under normal and severe riding conditions. Since the beginning we have been chased by our competitors, a compliment to say the least.
In a recent visit to Daytona’s Bike Week to view the opinions of fellow bike riders we found a few riders that indicate their bikes simply don’t have a wobble problem. These riders have been coined by customers and others alike as, “special”!

These few special riders are not open minded to the fact that all rubber mounts have a problem, not just some. Harley did not build their bike any different than the others. Riders have simply become accustom to the idiosyncrasies of their bikes and don’t realize that their same bike with a True-Track installed could handle like it’s on rails!

Harley Davidson states in their owners Manuel, “do not exceed speeds over 80 mph”
I wonder why! We often hear the statement, my bike wobbles at 100mph !!!!!!
Your bike and my bike is unsafe at this speed.

To ride at any speed after you’ve lowered your bike is unsafe and out of factory spec, a fact that wins Harley many court battles. Many riders have chosen to add a 21inch wheel to the front and an 18 inch in the rear plus low profile tires, guess what, again it’s out of factory spec and you have also created more handling issues.

When you change the drive angle, the rake angle has been changed also. The load positioning has been moved. When you just lower the bike front and rear, you shorten the wheel base so your trail has changed.

Picture a bicycle you ride on the street every day and picture a bicycle ridden for stunts. The stunt bike has less trail so it can turn easier, but, it is harder to get it to go in a straight line for any distance.

The True-Track rear stabilizer was designed to hold the drive train in position not allowing it to move left or right in the chassis thus mitigating the rearsteer™ of the swing arm which is rubber mounted for the soft ride.

Positioning of the stabilizer is important. As few riders realize aside from being mounted in rubber, the rear of the frame flex is at the up rights where the swing arm is mounted. This is not a good platform to mount a frame bracket, especially to one side. The frame rails will be moving in different directions under load conditions. These stabilizing units are cheap but not effective.

Harley put the frame bracket under the two frame rails. We at True-Track mounted our frame bracket at this point to strengthen the frame and give us the best possible anchor.
Then we made a cradle out of a ONE piece billet aluminum block with 5 hold downs.

This cradle protects the oil pan plus draws heat from the pan, its billet aluminum and it’s cooled by the air passing between the pan and the oil pan. The anchor between the cradle and the dog bone is the special heim joint we make that is vibration isolated.

So, what differs True-Track from all others, we are the innovator with far more years of experience in R & D then any of the imitators. We hope the info above has helped you recognize the differences. Lastly, we are the only Harley rubber mounted stabilizer on the market in possession of a PATENT!


Ride Safe!

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September 2011


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